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Saros Law APC handles all facets of criminal defense, school discipline and other school-related concerns. Criminal defense emphasis placed on drug, alcohol and mental health-related crimes, sex crimes, DUI, theft, domestic violence, and with particular expertise representing juvenile defendants.


Practice Areas

Saros Law APC specializes in working with minors and adults facing criminal charges. We also aid students and their families facing challenges large or small by providing education advocacy and legal services to help when needed.


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Meet Our Attorney

Alison Saros is an experienced, fierce, and successful Criminal Defense Lawyer with 25 years of legal experience

As a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County for over 16 years, she tried dozens of cases to verdict, handled hundreds of preliminary hearings, and evaluated thousands of cases for filing determination. As a law professor, she taught constitutional criminal procedure to law students from a practical perspective. She knows how to protect you because she knows the law and the exact strategies the opposition will use to prosecute you. 

Saros Law APC’s proven success record for all criminal defense cases shows that the firm is relentless in representing clients in DUITheftDrug CrimesDomestic Violence, Sex Crimes, Juvenile Crimes, Assault, Vandalism, Alcohol & Mental Health-Related Crimes, and Education Law and School Discipline matters.

We Understand How These Systems Work

You, as an accused, as a teenager or as a parent of a child in need, are a stranger in a strange land. You don’t know the language, the procedures, the knowledge, or virtually anything, yet you must operate as if you were an expert, as your liberty or your child’s future may hang in the balance depending on how well you navigate through this system.

Our attorneys provide aggressive criminal defense representation in California. We also can work as a student advocate, helping you navigate through the school bureaucracies to obtain the support your child needs.

Call our office at 310-341-3466 for assistance throughout the Los Angeles area. For assistance with educational law issues, please fill out our contact form for new clients.



  • Juvenile Law
  • Drug & Alcohol Crimes
  • Mental Health Diversion
  • DUI
  • Sex Crimes & Domestic Violence


  • School Discipline
  • Title IX, Academic Dishonesty
  • IEP & 504 Advocacy
  • Special Education


We believe that every child can overcome setbacks and be back on the path to flourishing with the right team.

We believe that if children receive the right support, they stay in the school system and out of the criminal justice system.

We believe that teenagers are not adults because their brains and impulse control are still developing.

We believe anything is possible if you just ask and keep asking.

We believe that punitive treatment of children is counterproductive

We believe in protecting our clients from harsh judgments.

One poor decision should not trap them in the criminal justice system for life.

We believe in protecting our clients as if we were protecting our own family.

We believe that wholistic criminal defense is your child’s best chance of getting his or her life back on track.



Many criminal defense lawyers are out there looking to make a quick buck. They do not want to do the work to win your case and instead make you believe that a plea deal is the best you’re going to get. At Saros Law APC, we look for creative and alternative ways to win your case.

We promise to start working on your case with the urgency it deserves from the moment you contact us. Oftentimes we are to prevent criminal charges from even being filed.

100% WHOLISTIC CRIMINAL DEFENSE: Unlike other attorneys who use cookie-cutter strategies to turn and burn clients, we take a wholistic and creative approach to solving your unique criminal case.

INSIDE KNOWLEDGE ADVANTAGE: As a former school teacher, professor, administrator, and counselor, Alison knows the California public school system inside and out. She tried cases for 16 years as a Deputy District Attorney in Los Angeles County.

JUVENILE CRIME SPECIALISTS: We know why good kids end up in bad situations. We’ve seen it all: learning difficulties, mental health issues, and physical challenges. We know how to navigate school districts, advocate for your child, and provide counseling support resources.

PREVENTATIVE CRIMINAL DEFENSE: In some cases, we’ve been able to prevent charges from being filed. We defend you by catching problems early and using innovative strategies. The magic is in knowing WHOM to contact and WHAT to say.

A LASTING RELATIONSHIP: To be human is to error. Mistakes and sticky situations are going to happen. Trust that we will always be in your corner when they do.

why work with Saros Law APC for your criminal case?

Once we take on your case, we will NEVER give up.

We operate proactively and frequently communicate regardless of the stage of your case. We promise to fight tooth and nail to solve your case. We fight aggressively to defend you or your child’s rights in all cases.

After we’ve solved your criminal case, we get your life back on track by supporting you with comprehensive resources and holistic help.

We aim to be your go-to criminal defense firm for any criminal problems that arise in life. To error is human and there will be many bumps in the journey of life.


Alison Saros
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